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When you are looking for the perfect Bomber seat. Check out " Wicked Bomber Seats by Stryker Hot Rod Products


Seats are available Hot rod stitch ( above ) or or diamond hot rod stitch.( shown below ) And Standard Pleat (third picture down)

Black with black welt and stitch

Black with Red stitch and welt

Black with White stitch and welt

Or Custom Orders



These Wicked Low Back Bucket Bomber seats by Stryker Hot Rod Products are the perfect fit for custom, vintage and classic rides. Hot Rods, Sports Cars , Customs, Mini Trucks.

Our seats have been seen in car magazines, news papers, movies and TV shows as well as car forums and blogs. " Best Looking Most Comfortable " Bomber seat made.

Custom orders are welcome however must be pre paid. Expect a 4-6 week wait. Custom orders are non refundable.Factory colors and designs usually ship within 24 -72 hours. Exchanges are excepted on in stock items.

"Have It Your Way !" We will gladly build you a pair of custom seats in any shape size material...


Thes Stryker Hot Rod Seats are Wicked, hense the name .Custom and replacement Low Back Bucket Bomber style Seats. Bucket and bench seats available. The original Bomber seats was designed from a production seats for Cobra replicas and sports cars. 

When building a Ford model A Hot Rod we realized the need for a unique designed specialty Hot Rod Seat. After many test's and trials we created Wicked Bomber seats
































Looking to purchase Stryker Hot Rod Products low back bucket Bomber seats or bench seats please shop at www.eddiebarrett.com shopping 


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